Vive is a Real Estate Consulting Company which has been operating successfully in the sale and renting field for several years, in special niches of the real estate market in the most prestigious areas. Our activity is founded on reliability, competence and discretion, which enable us to apply an effective approach for speedy handling of sale and rent negotiations, also in complex situations.

The company makes use of highly qualified partners, enrolled in the professional register of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan. They are 'consultants' in the real estate field, able to help both the owner and the buyer in making the most suitable choice according to their needs.

Our experience enables us to offer to our Clients a valid base of integrated consultancy on all contractual and technical aspects. Available, ready, versatile, we work in team for a successful solution and to achieve the best for the customer.

That's why we are known as the 'boutique of real estate consulting'…

Real Estate Brokerage

Investment in advertising in specialized magazines of the field, newspapers and the most famous property websites, together with a large data base of potential clients, are a good support to our success.

Highly sophisticated software enables us to identify the opportunities that are nearest to the particular needs of our clients. All the real estate we offer, both residential and commercial, has been objectively evaluated and carefully checked, providing reliability on the technical and contractual aspects.

Our real estate agents speak three languages English, French and German.

Free Real Estate Evaluation

We provide to a free real estate evaluation with professional advice and determined by using a data base in conjunction with our many years of experience and market trends. We have a continuous and capillary monitoring of the evolution of the variables of supply and demand which lead, also on the basis of an objective analysis, to the indication of a price range. In the case of exchanges we are able to handle the problem of selling your apartment and at the same time the purchase of a new one with very clear and guaranteed contract solutions.

Properties Splitting

Vive has handled the sale of partially or entirely residential and commercial buildings by promoting the encounter between offer and demand through important contacts with investors and rapid searches and manage real estate fractionation finding the best solution with specialized partners and with sales local office.

Renting and Handle Rent

Also residential or commercial renting follows the approach of our company, i.e. to handle real estate properties of a certain quality, at the service of a demanding client, directing them to the choices most suited to their needs.
Among our customers we have big Italian and foreign companies and we are able to supply them with a complete service including the drafting and registration of different types of contract.

Reliability and Concreteness

These essential qualities are the foundation of our success. The loyalty and satisfaction of our customers is our goal.